Investing made simple, for everyone!

Let us help you to safeguard your financial dreams, and help you and your loved ones to overcome the unforeseen in days to come.

There are three questions I always ask myself, and my clients.

  • Am I happy with the growth of my current investments?
  • Is inflation eating into my capital?
  • Are my investments safe, and are they giving me a return well above the inflation?

With the current pandemic, people are being misguided and misled with false and faulty information, and the little information you get may not be credible. Unless you constantly have a close eye and keep following up, your investments are at risk. Most of the time we see our clients’ investments are just stagnating at a low return simply because they couldn’t action on the renewal date and leverage the best rates and services from their service provider. 

We at iTrust Consultants take our client’s interests very, very seriously. We will run the extra mile to educate you in order to achieve your financial dreams, while monitoring your portfolio of investments and providing you with prompt and simplified solutions to safe guard your money and financial goals.


We recognise over the long-term, no one asset class is guaranteed to deliver consistent returns. We believe you should invest across all asset classes in different proportions to manage risk and achieve your financial goals.

Investing for the long-term

Reaching your financial goals is not about having a complicated strategy, it’s far more important to be invested for a sensible amount of time across asset classes and allow compounded returns to work its magic.

Low Fees

Compounded over time, even a small difference in fees can result in substantial differences to your returns. Through ongoing technology advances, we endeavour to reduce the cost of investing for all our customers.


Our Team

Nilaksha Edirisinghe

Chief Executive Officer/ Managing Director,

Nilaksha is the founder I-Trust Consultants, a consultancy that helps clients leverage the best products in the market to increase wealth and financial freedom. He has over 18 years industry experience in READ MORE 
Jude Kahandawela

Head of Operations,

Jude has over 18 years industry experience in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Foreign Investments and Capital Markets, Trade & Supply Chain management, Human Resources, Administration, Tourism and Hospitality management. READ MORE


Dilhan Perera


Dilhan has over 20 years of experience in financial consultancy, investment and wealth advisory. He is passionate about excellence in client satisfaction and delivering the best suite of products to match client’s short term and long term financial aspirations. READ MORE